I think it’s the tinkerer in me that does this.  I’ve gone from html to php to Mambo Joomla to WordPress to Drupal and now back to WordPress for this site.  That stops now…hopefully.  I’m used to using WordPress, I like WordPress, so I’ll be using it for my general rants and rambling on virtualmadden.com.  Jonmadden.com will eventually just become my personal page with probably just a small profile and links.  This way I can still practice with Drupal or whatever in private and not effect my blog every time I feel like playing with something.  I’m doing this at 3:30am burning the twilight hours waiting for the sleeping drugs to kick in.  This week I’ll work on getting my old them back up, plugins installed, and setting re-set.  Posts will most likely be broken into rambles, reviews of stuff, and some code exercises.  I spent the last two years working on a computer science degree and feel I should be giving back…haha, right.  I’ve been looking to refresh the basics again, learn a new language or two, and maybe even get some feedback.  I don’t want to do anyones homework, but please offer suggestions.  Anyway, the drugs are kicking in and I’d rather fall asleep on a pillow versus this keyboard.